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Sustainable Business Management

Fecha inicio 2023-11-20
Fecha de finalización 2023-12-01

🌎 Join us for a transformative experience in the heart of sustainability!

🔹 100% in English: Immerse yourself in a global learning environment.

🌟 Meet International and National Sustainability Experts: Learn from the best in the field

🏢 Corporate Visits: Get exclusive access to leading sustainable businesses.

📚 Earn Program Recognition for EIA Electives: Enhance your academic portfolio.


To train participants in the best practices and principles of sustainable business management, preparing them to understand, implement and actively promote sustainability in the business environment.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to develop business strategies that effectively integrate social, environmental, and economic aspects leading to a more sustainable business model.


  • Understand Principles of Sustainable Business Management:
  • Identify Sustainability Opportunities
  • Develop Sustainable Business Strategies
  • Evaluate the Impact of Business Decisions:
  • Promote Sustainability in the Business Environment:
  • Measure and Report Sustainable Performance


Module 1. Introduction to business sustainability:

  • Sustainability context (evolution of sustainability over the years)
  • SDG introduction (UNPD)
  • Basic concepts of sustainability
  • From Social Corporate Responsibility to Corporate sustainability
  • Current environmental, social, and economic challenges
  • Legal and regulatory framework for corporate sustainability
  • Business benefits of sustainable management
  • Conscious capitalism and circular economy

Module 2. Integration of sustainability into business strategy:

  • Context analysis and risk and opportunity assessment
  • Establishment of sustainable goals and objectives
  • Development of a sustainable vision and mission for a company
  • Designing sustainable strategies and action plans
  • How to define that higher purpose within the company

Module 3. Sustainable supply chain management:

  • Sustainable supplier evaluation and selection
  • Supply chain risk and compliance management
  • Improving efficiency and reducing waste in the supply chain
  • Reverse logistics
  • Collaboration with suppliers to promote sustainable practices

Module 4. Sustainable marketing, communication, and reporting:

  • Language and communication
  • Strategic communication
  • Communication Plan and building a sustainable brand reputation
  • Building a culture of sustainability
  • Changing consumer trends (green marketing)
  • National and international sustainability certifications
  • Reporting standards

Module 5. Sustainable finance:

  • Introduction to sustainable finance and its importance
  • Assessing sustainability-related financial risks and opportunities
  • Social approach to financing
  • Impact assessment
  • Sustainable financial instruments: green bonds, sustainable loans, impact investments, etc.
  • Integration of ESG criteria (environmental, social, and corporate governance) in financial decision making (Bloomberg workshop)
  • Responsible investment

Module 6: Company field trips


Some face-to-face classes and some online sessions with live meetings.


Computer with internet connection.


80 hours.

🎤 Keynote Speakers

From Brazil:

  • Ubirata Tortato

Professor and Researcher of Operations and Sustainability

Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná

  • Carolina Quixadá

Academic Manager and Higher Education Teacher

Master in Journalism from Carleton University

Universidade de Fortaleza – UNIFOR

From Germany

  • Christian Lochmuller


Universidad EIA

From Colombia:

  • Eduardo Alfonso Atehortua Barrero

Master in Sustainability

Partner Deloitte Spanish Latam- Sustainability and Climate Change

  • Andrés Felipe Perilla Rodríguez

Sustainability Specialist

ISA Interconexión Eléctrica

  • Juan Camilo Gómez González

Mobility Product Manager

INTEIA (Grupo ISA y Ecopetrol)

  • Natalia Marín Tabares:


EIA University

🌟 “Stay Ahead in the Current World: This isn’t just another program; it’s your key advantage in today’s competitive professional landscape. Sustainable business knowledge is essential for success.

🚀 Elevate your career and be part of a sustainable future.


A diploma will be awarded to those who meet a minimum of 85% of attendance at the summer.


$ 3.400.000 COP


Internationalization office